“It’s a good day to be alive” – Nithin Karthik

I actually thought we’d all grow old together, meet up often and reminisce about all the good times we had. And I always imagined Katu being there. Who knew the day to reminisce would already come.

“It’s a good day to be alive.”

The man lived with this philosophy. He would scream it out of happiness every time we were all together. I look back at his pictures and can’t find a single one where he doesn’t have his iconic wide smile. This guy was a happy guy who acknowledged that he was blessed. He would give the warmest welcome to people even if he met them after just one day. His presence was so positive, I would consider it a good day if I met him. I realized the impact of his presence only in his absence. The irony of life. How we live chasing our ‘big dreams’ without recognizing the value of things we already have. Katu recognized this and always valued us, his family and everything he had. He was my role model in this aspect.

He was so unbelievably happy. There would be no party without Katu. He was the uniting factor for many groups. He was the reason a lot of people came together. Almost everybody considered him to be their best friend. The most beautiful thing about him was that he respected everybody and never looked down on anyone. He was so easy to get close to. He truly had an Enlarged Heart(The cause of his death).

He was also one of the funniest and weirdest guys I have ever known. He invented this thing called the cry-laugh. Every time he would drink and get into this state of mind where he would laugh and cry at the same time thinking about his past. The number of times we’ve ‘thupped’ on his face for this is not even funny. Never really understood what it was then but now I do. Most of us were literally crying and laughing two days after his death. We laughed at the hilarious things he used to do and cried at the same time knowing that we’ll never see him again. Such was the power of this man. He made us happy even after his death. By giving us funny stories we can laugh about. Trust me the list is quite big for the short life he lived. I can confidently say he enjoyed every moment with us. He considered us his family.

He always said “Jogi. Whatever happens, don’t ever break the family da”. And we’re going to live up to it Katu. Like always, you’ve brought us closer than ever before. You made us realize how fortunate we are to have the people we know. You made us realize that the only thing we leave behind is the impact we have on other living beings. And I must say, your impact was immense. We’re going to do great things in your memory and carry your legacy. Thank you for teaching us so much man. You’ve touched many hearts and you’ll live in our memories forever. Take care bruh.

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3 thoughts on ““It’s a good day to be alive” – Nithin Karthik”

  1. Beautifully written Jogs. I’m sorry about this massive loss. Brings tears to my eyes everytime I read something about him. I’m sure Katu will live on through y’all. I still remember how much happiness he brought to every table he sat at, how much laughter he’d bring to parties and most importantly how he would be an eternal sport when people would make fun of him (even if he felt bad). Im so happy I had the privilege of knowing him! My heartfelt condolences and love to all of you. Hugs!

  2. I would not have expressed the essence of Karthik better Jogi. P.s : tried valiantly to stop you guys from calling him Kaatu coz I thought now that you all are getting to be adults you should be called by propah names, lil did I know that it was never to be.

  3. You were a wonderful human being Nithin.. N m so glad to have known a person like you with immense joy to spread around….!! Be happy n as cheerful as you were always wherever you are…..!!!

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